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Annecy – The city by the lake

August 3, 2017

For many visitors, Annecy is not so much a destination as a stopping off place – or a detour – on the way to somewhere else. Signs on the autoroute point the way to Geneva and Turin, and no expense has been spared in building the road. When it doesn’t go straight through the mountain ……

CSC_0011 (2)

……… it clings to the edge in a series of viaducts and tiered flyovers.


The big attraction of Annecy is its lake. Despite the mid June heat, it was too cold for a swim, although that didn’t deter a few brave characters.


You can also hire a boat …………….


………… or a bike. A flat cycle path hugs the west bank of the lake and, apart from a few Chris Froome wannabees, most cyclists take the path at a leisurely pace.


Cycling around the lake affords an ever changing view of the surrounding  mountains.



For historical sites, you need to visit the old town. Named the Venice of the Alps by over-imaginative travel writers, Annecy boasts a short length of tree lined canal.


The River Thiou, one of the shortest in Europe (at 3.5km), winds past rows of historic buildings and is a magnet for tourists.


Wedged into the middle of the river is the old prison, the Palais de l’lle. Apparently it is one of the most photographed sites in France but, when we visited, its best side was covered in scaffolding, so you’ll have to make do with a view of its rather drab rear.

CSC_0122 (2)

Hidden down an unassuming looking street is an even more modest looking cathedral.



Perhaps of greater interest is the church of St Maurice. At the east end is a curiosity, a most realistic trompe l’oeil painting of the tomb of Philiberte de Monthouz. Just why it was decided to create a memorial of him in a painting rather than an actual tomb remains unclear.


When visiting Annecy, it’s worth taking a trip into the mountains. Thones is just a short drive from the lake.


Even on a hot day in mid summer, snow can be seen on the mountain tops behind the church.


Annecy is worth more than a stop over. There is plenty to see and do and, while the city may be small, the location is truly beautiful.

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